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Antonio Nava¬†Torres’ passion for art and design began in his early childhood. Raised in San Jose, CA, Antonio was just eight years old when his dad would bring home paper from work for him to draw on. He would draw all day and only stopped when his parents made him eat meals.

In 1984, as Antonio was entering his teenage years, he decided to take his art to the streets. San Jose became Antonio’s canvas. Antonio aka ZOOK58 became a pioneer to the emerging art form called graffiti art. Encouraged by community leaders to use his art as a contribution to beautifying the city, Antonio was commissioned to create paintings and murals for various museums, walls, and parks. In 1995, Antonio created a mural of an Aztec calendar. After seventeen years, this mural can still be seen in Biebrach Park on West Virginia Street today.

In 1995, Antonio decided to leave Northern California in order to pursue a career in art. He attended the prestigious Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA where he received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in illustration. Shortly after graduating, Antonio began a career in animation. He has worked on such shows as “Rocket Power”, the Emmy award-winning “Rugrats”, “Beavis and Butthead”, and “King of the Hill.” Currently, Antonio is working as background designer on the global phenomenon “Family Guy.”

Antonio is returning to his San Jose hometown to exhibit his new original works. His paintings go back to his roots. Elements of graffiti art are in the majority of his pieces. Inspired by family, culture, and life events, Antonio creates spontaneous and uninhibited art. Using acrylic and gesso paint as his mediums to create abstract expressionist paintings that evoke emotion and promote thought. He currently lives in Los Angeles, CA with his girlfriend, Michelle Blake and his four month old son Leonidas Nava Blake-Torres.

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